Baby D is the name of a UK breakbeat hardcore and house music band, best known for their single «Let Me Be Your Fantasy«, #1 on the UK Singles Chart in 1994.

The group was from Production House Records, founded in 1987 by Phil Fearon. The producer Floyd Dyce was involved heavily in the rave scene and published his works under several different names such as The House Crew, DMS, and Xstatic. Baby D was another voice to his compositions and was made up of singer (Baby D) Dee Galdes-Fearon and keyboardist and vocalist Terry Jones (MC Nino).

Early Singles 1991-1994 were underground hits. Two of them made it to the rear positions of the 75th UK Top. «Let Me Be Your Fantasy» was first published in 1992 and spent two years in the lower half of the unreleased Top 200 list with about 40,000 copies sold. It also reached number one for two weeks in the dance charts. In 1994 was re-released and spent two weeks in the top position. This time, sold about a quarter million copies.

The name Baby D originated from Dee herself, She is very tiny at around 5ft1 hence BabyDee to the abbreviated ‘Baby D’.