Dance 2 Trance was a German trance duo composed of Rolf Ellmer and DJ Dag Lerner.They had a small number of hit singles in the mid 1990s and were associated with Jam & Spoon.DJ Dag and Jam El Mar met in 1990, when they decided to work together. Their first release was in the same year, a promo named «Dance 2 Trance» on the Suck Me Plasma label, the release contained two tracks («Dance 2 Trance» and «We Came In Peace»). They got their commercial break in 1992 with the release of «Power Of American Natives» with vocals from Linda Rocco. The song sold 250,000 records and was awarded a gold disc. A video was made for the song, and reached the mainstream networks such as MTV. The track later received remixes in 1997, 1998 and 2009. In 1992, they released their firstalbumMoon Spirits. Dance 2 Trance released another album in 1995 called Revival.