The members of this Spanish group are Carol McCloskey and Pedro Cervero. Double Vision’s songs are usually harder, more happy hardcore influenced then the classic eurodance. Under the name Doble Vicio, they had released a single entitled Sara in 1993 (under Estanpida Records). One version of this track could be found on the single Unsafe Building, released later in 1997.

The two first songs released as singles were taken from the album Unsafe Building which is a mixture of eurodance, house and ballads. Knockin reached # 4 in Israel and Allright was # 7 in Israel. The 3rd single Alone Again Or… were with rap only, whereas Love Me Now is euro-progressive.

The album Double Vision released in 1994 (as well as a single entitled Confidence) was everything but eurodance, it was rather a kind of rock-music.