«Take Away the Colour» is a 1993 song recorded by British hip-house/eurodance singer ICE MC. It was his first single from his album Ice’n’Green on which it appears as third track, and his ninth single overall. It was written and produced by Robyx, and the female vocals were performed by Alexia. The song was reissued a year later, in 1995, in a new version entitled «Take Away the Colour ’95 Reconstruction). The first version was more successful, reaching the top 20 in Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders), Austria and Sweden. The B-side featuring on the various formats of the 1995 release is a megamix composed by ICE MC’s hit single «Think about the Way«, «It’s a Rainy Day» and «Take Away the Colour». This megamix was the next single in France and was only released in this country.