«Think About the Way» is a 1994 song recorded by British hip-house/eurodance singer ICE MC. It was his second single from his 1994 album Ice’n’Green on which it appears in four versions, and his tenth single overall. It was written and produced by Robyx, and the female vocals were performed by Alexia. It hit some success, reaching the top 15 in France, Germany,Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands. It was released under the title «Think About the Way (Bom Digi Bom…)» in UK and Ireland, which it refers to the first words of the first verse. The song was re-issued in 1996 in UK, then in 2002 in a remixed version, then in 2007 by Frisco Vs ICE MC. The original version featured in the soundtrack of the 1996 film Trainspotting.