Kent Lövgren was born on July 26th 1970. As Melodie MC, he released his first single in 1992. Entitled Feel Your Body Moving, it was followed by many hits and 3 albums. We’re Down With The Dragons, the latest track to be released as single from the first album, is a tribute to the basketball-team of Sundsvall.

Many vocalists took part to the project : as for the first album, the single version of Dum Da Dum (initially sung by Pia Sjöberg) was sung by Mayomi (who also released some solo singles, such as What Ever I, a kind of hip hop-dance). This single was # 21 in Israel. Pia Tjärnlund sung for FreeSo Good and Come Together. Johanna Ljungberg’s voice was featured on Wondering, and Lotta Sundgren on I Wanna Dance.