Mo-Do’s real name is Fabio Frittelli. He was born in 1964 in Monfalcone, (North-East of Italie). Fabio had his first musical experience as a leader of a hard rock group, then as bassist for a group called Validi Alibi. He also did some modelling. Afterwards he met the producer Claudio Zennaro, they joined under the name of Mo-Do (Mo for Montfalcone and Do for Domenica because Fabio was born on a Sunday). On stage, Fabio performed with 2 sexy dancers called Barbara Cusin and Manuela Cosanza.

His first single Eins, Zwei, Polizei, co-produced with Einstein Dr Deejay (aka Claudio Zennaro & Fulvio Zafret) and inspired from 2 old German songs (Der Komissar of Falco et Da Da Da of Trio), remained n°1 during 1 month in Italy before triumphing in the whole Europe. His recording studio is located in Udini.