Nina Gerhard first hit the eurodance scene in 1993 as the female voice of Captain Hollywood Project‘s world-wide hit single More And More. One of the producers of this single was none other than mega-German eurodance producer Nosie Katzmann. Nina also supplied the vocals in Intermission‘s single Honesty.

In 1994, Nina went solo with the release of her first single The Reason Is You under the guidance of Mr. Katzmann. Her second single Until All Your Dreams Come True was equally as good as the first, if not better. A very powerful eurodance track with hard-driving synths and smooth, sexy vocals. Shortly after the second single, Nina’s debut album Dare ! was released. Many famous eurodance names like KimSanders, Peter Gräber (of Culture Beat – Pay No Mind), Doug Laurent (remixes for Culture Beat – Take Me Away and La Bouche – I Love To Love), and DMP (Intermission) were involved with the album. In early ’96, her third single In Her Shoes took a different turn than the previous two. It’s a pure ballad, containing no dance mixes. The fourth single Can’t Stop This Feeling went back to dance, actually more like pop-disco. It stayed 3 weeks at the #1 place in Italy.