«Silence» is a 1999 song by the Canadian electronic music group Delerium featuring Canadian singer and co-writer Sarah McLachlan. Over the years, it has been hailed as one of the greatest trance songs of all time, over a decade after its initial release,and still plays in clubs to this day.

The original album version and subsequent radio edit of the song had a much slower tempo than the more well-known remixes and was essentially structured like a pop song, with the characteristic synthetic instrumentation of the more melodic side of ambient music — though including darker overtones, such as the prominently featured Gregorian chant(Gloria in Excelsis Deo). This last element often invites comparison to popular ambient/new age/world music projects of the 1990s like Enigma and Deep Forest who routinely sample chants from various ethnicities worldwide, though in contrast such vocals featured on Karma were all original recordings.