Tomcraft (born Thomas Brückner, 12 June 1975) is a German DJ and producer. He specializes in progressive house and progressive trance music and is better known for having created the tracks «Loneliness» and «Prosac», working alongside Eniac.

Tomcraft began working as a DJ in Munich in 1994, shifting between techno and the emerging progressive trance style. The following year, he released his first track, «This Is No House». He first met Eniac in 1996, and the two immediately started producing music together, beginning with «Viva». The same year yielded the track «Prosac», but this did not achieve success until it was re-released in 2001. For a decade or so, he worked alongside fellow German producer Eniac as an explosive studio team, steadily building hype and acclaim with regular releases on the country’s famous Kosmo Recordings amongst others.