Odyssey is a project by Martin and Giorgio Koppehele. The vocals were done by Lisa Cash aka LC. The lyrics are written by PS I + PS II, Suna Cope who is also responsible for the vocal arrangements.

The first singles were produced and released by Metronome Musik GmbH. Then the group was signed by Intercord.

The single which started it all was Let Yourself Go. It was so successful that a remixes CD followed immediately. Then came Talk To Me (a remixes CD followed) with a contribution of Deon Blue (fromPharao, credited as MD Thomas : Marcus Deon Thomas), Riding On A Train (with a first remixes CD, than another with USURA remixes), Move Your Body (followed by 2 remixes CD, vol I and vol II), andInto The Light (once again a remixes CD was released afterwards) , all of them being superb eurodance tracks.

The follow-up Face To Face, released in 1995, was remixed by Felix J. Gauder then came Everybody Move with remixes by Bass Bumpers. All were gathered on a fantastic album called Love Train.