Pharao was a German Eurodance act produced by Alexander Hawking and DJ Stevie Steve. The band was fronted by EgyptianIndian singer Kyra Pharao (Claudia Banerjee) (born 17 January 1971) and the American rapper Deon Blue (born 20 January 1970). Pharao released two studio albumsPharao (1994) and The Return(1998).Their debut single «I Show You Secrets» reached #6 on the German single Media Control Charts within weeks of its release eventually earning them a gold disc. The single also charted in other European countries including Switzerland and Austria. Their second single «There is a Star» was another hit reaching #8 in the German official singles chart, which earned them another gold disc. «There is a Star» was also successful in countries such as Switzerland and Sweden, and peaked at #43 in the UK Singles Chart. Their debut album, Pharao, reached #23 on the German album chart. Their third single «World of Magic» was not quite as successful as the first two singles; however, it entered the Top 30 both in Germany and Sweden.