Samira is a solo artist, daughter of Bosnian parents and born and raised in Germany Berlin. She started her musical career in 1992 singing the hit-single Getaway for the project Maxx. Samira couldn’t appear on the the video-clip and so Alice Montana was engaged to give Samira’s voice a face.

Then she started a solo carreer. Her first singles were the excellent When I Look Into Your Eyes and Love Train. Released under Shift Music label, these 2 singles were very succesful in Europe and all over the world. When I Look Into Your Eyes was written by Douglas John Wilgrove and Samira herself, composed by Mike Michaels and Mark Tabak (of Triple M). It was at first released as vinyl in October 1994. The single CD, out in January 1995, was followed by a remixes CD including remixes by Cabballero. It reached # 3 in Israel.