Soultans is an all-male, r&b band notable predominantly in Europe, but also for signing on for a short contract with BMG. The Soultans originally consisted of three members and is based in Germany, although two of its members have English ties. The group resides under the German label, Coconut Records, which has also kick-started other small bands’ careers. The lead vocalist, Marvin Broadie, and musician Marco Boi, were later replaced by Sascha van Haasen and Mike Marshall in 2002.

Although the band suggested its inspirations as 1970’s music, Soultans has added elements of  hip hopjazz and soul to their music, following in the lines of Londonbeat, another English band. The group is most notable for its popular 1996 songs, «Can’t take my hands off you» and «I heard it through the grape vine«. The band released two albums in the 1990s, «Love, Sweat and Tears» in 1997which reached #2 in Denmark, and «Take Off» in 1998.The band released another three in the new millennium with the albums «Tribute to Soul» with BMG in 2001,»Hit Collection 1» and «Hit Collection 2» in 2005 with Coconut, before re-releasing many of their songs on the album «Can’t Take My Hands off You» in 2005.