«Freed from Desire» is the title of a song recorded by the Italian artist Gala. It was released in September 1996 as the first single from her second album Come into My Life, it was a hit in many countries, topping the charts in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Greece and Denmark. The track was released in the UK in July 1997 and peaked at #2 and spent 8 weeks inside the Top 10 and 14 weeks in total in the Top 75. The song was composed by Gala, Filippo Andrea Carmeni and Maurizio Molella.

The verses contain the leitmotif «He got his strong beliefs» while the refrain, consisted of numerous percussions, is characterized by the repetition of the syllable «na». Thanks to this hit, Gala achieved a great renown in Europe, although it was her second single.