«Kernkraft 400» is a song performed by German techno and electro/electronic artist Zombie Nation and the first single from their albumLeichenschmaus. The first Zombie Nation record contained the song «Kernkraft 400», German for «Nuclear Energy 400», which is a remix of a chiptunefrom the 1984 Commodore 64 game Lazy Jones by David Whittaker called «Stardust» which was made with the SID chipFlorian Senfter («Splank!») paid an undisclosed sum to David Whittaker for the use of the melody.

Soon after the first independent release in 1999, the song became an underground hit in European clubs, and was licensed to various countries including a more commercial remix version by Italian remix-producer DJ Gius (also known as Technoboy). The song «Kernkraft 400» is often mistakenly believed to be called «Zombie Nation» due to its only lyrics: «Zombie, Zombie, Zombie, Zombie Nation.»