Murk (also known by several other names, including Funky Green Dogs) is a house music production team composed of Ralph Falcón and Oscar Gaetan). They formed in Miami in 1991.They had 7 consecutive singles reach #1 on Billboard‘s Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

Murk has a vast back catalog of compositions dating from the early 1990s, including «Some Lovin’» and «Every Now and Then,» and many newer tracks such as «Fired up!» (#80 on the Billboard Hot 100), «The Way,» «Dark Beat,» «Doesn’t Really Matter,» and «Believe.» Murk has also performed as Funky Green Dogs. Besides Murk’s two members, the group included vocalist Pamela Williams, who left the group after the release of the Get Fired Up! album. She was replaced by Tamara Wallace, who has been the lead singer for the duo ever since.