They appeared on the scene in 1998 with «Turn Around», a track that featured sampled vocals taken from Toney Lee‘s «Reach Up». The track was re-recorded in 1999 with the vocals sung by theHong Kong-born singer Ben Ofoedu, and it debuted at #3 in the UK Singles Chart, before climbing to #2, with career sales of this hit amassing them £5,000 in total due to their recording contract. In 1999, they also released their first album, Now Phats What I Small Music, a play on their name and the compilation series Now That’s What I Call Music!. Ofoedu sung on two tracks, «Feel Good» and «Tonite», which were also released as singles. In 1999, Phats & Small also achieved notoriety for remixing the Earth Wind & Fire track, «September» and Simply Red‘s «Ain’t That a Lot of Love».