“ResuRection” was based on the melody of the 1979 Russian (Soviet) film Siberiade by Eduard Artemyev and contained, in some remix versions, vocal samples of Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

PPK (Russian: ППК) is a notable Russian trance duo that was based primarily in Rostov-on-Don. The group consisted of Sergei Pimenov and Alexander Polyakov. PPK name is the acronym of founding members’ initials, K was for short-time member DJ Kordj (Roman Korzhov).

PPK became popular abroad due to their single «ResuRection», which was available to download for free on mp3.com for about a year. A few million people downloaded it and a such wave of popularity brought to signing a contract with Paul Oakenfold‘s Perfecto label and was used to celebrate the New Year 2003 inWarsawPoland (seen on Sky News Active, 31 December 2002). This song was the first major international hit by a Russian artist in the post Soviet era.