«Forever Young» is the title track from German rock/synthpop group Alphaville’s 1984 debut album of the same name. Though it was not the group’s highest-charting European hit and failed to reach the American Top 40 despite three separate U.S. single releases, «Forever Young» has subsequently been covered by numerous artists.

Originally released by Alphaville as a single in 1984, «Forever Young» was available in both its original mix and also in a dance version titled the «Special Dance Mix.» Over the years the band has released several remixes and demo versions of the song.

The single reached the number 65 spot on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and the top 40 on the U.S. Hot Dance Music/ Club Play Singles in 1985.

The song’s music video shows the band performing in one of the halls at Holloway Sanatorium in Virginia WaterSurreyEngland. A number of ragged people ranging from children to the elderly awake to observe the band, then walk through a diamond-shaped glowing portal.