The Ones are an American electronic dance music band, best known for their 2001 hit single «Flawless», which reached number 7 in the United Kingdom.The trio consists of three male vocalists Paul Alexander, JoJo Americo, and Nashom Wooden, who met while working at the Greenwich Village boutique Patricia Field. Each of them has a background in performing, DJing, and being stylists within the underground New York club andfashion scenes.

Their debut single, «Flawless» (inspired by the 1999 film which Nashom appeared in, alongside Robert De Niro), produced by A Touch of Class, was popular among New York DJs even before its official release and became a hit, especially in Europe. In 2004, «Flawless» was sampled and had lyricsadded to it by George Michael for his song «Flawless (Go to the City)«. Michael’s version reached number 8 in the United Kingdom, which gives «Flawless» the distinction of being a hit twice in Britain.The group released a follow up single, «Superstar» which reached number 45 in the same country.