«Never Gonna Give You Up» is a 1987 song by British singer Rick Astley. It was written and produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman. The song was released as the first single from Astley’s multi-million selling debut album, Whenever You Need Somebody. The song was a worldwide number-one hit, initially in the singer’s native United Kingdom in 1987, where it stayed at number one for five weeks and was the best-selling single of that year. It eventually topped the charts in 25 countries, including the US and West Germany.

The song won Best British Single at the 1988 Brit Awards. The music video for the song has become the basis for the «Rickrolling» Internet meme.

In 2004, it was voted #28 in 50 Most Awesomely Bad Songs … Ever by VH1. In 2008, Rick Astley won the MTV EMA awards for «Best Act Ever» with the song «Never Gonna Give You Up», as a result of collective voting from thousands of people on the internet, due to the popular phenomenon of Rickrolling.

This song was released as DLC for the game Rock Band 3 as of 14 February 2012.