«Mr. Jones» is a song by American alternative rock band Counting Crows. It is the lead single and third track from their debut albumAugust and Everything After (1993). It was the band’s first radio hit and remains their most popular single.

«Mr. Jones» entered the American Top 40 on February 19, 1994, and entered the Top 10 five weeks later. On April 23, «Mr. Jones» passed R. Kelly‘s «Bump n’ Grind«, taking the number-one position (which it surrendered, the following week, to Prince‘s «The Most Beautiful Girl in the World«).

The band’s surprise success happened to coincide with Kurt Cobain‘s death. These events took a significant toll on Adam Duritz, the lead vocalist and principal songwriter. Said Duritz in an interview: «We heard that, that [Kurt] had shot himself. And it really scared the hell out of me because I thought, these things in my life are getting so out of control…». These events and feelings were the basis for «Catapult«, the first track of Recovering the Satellites.