«Liberian Girl» was the ninth single to be released from Michael Jackson‘s 1987 albumBad. The song was written as early as 1983 and was among those considered for The Jacksons‘ Victory album. It was reworked and rewritten for Bad. The song was released as a single in Europe and Australia.

«Liberian Girl», a song of gratitude for the existence of a loved one, was written and composed by Michael Jackson. The song finds Jackson singing about a special girl from the African nation of the Republic of Liberia, and it opens with the South African female singer Letta Mbulu saying the Swahili language phrase «Nakupenda pia- nakutaka pia-mpenziwe,» which translates to «Love you too. I want you too, my love.» There was some geographic liberty here, as Swahili is not spoken in Liberia.