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«True Faith» is a song by New Order, produced by Stephen Hague. It was the first New Order single since their debut «Ceremony» to be issued in the UK as two separate 12″ singles. The second 12″ single features two remixes of «True Faith» by Shep Pettibone. Both versions of the 12″ (and also the edited 7″) also include the song «1963«. «True Faith» is one of New Order’s most popular songs.

The single peaked at number four in the United Kingdom on its original release in 1987. The single also became the first New Order single to chart on the Hot 100 in the United States that same year and their first ever Top 40 hit, peaking at number 32.



Paul Robert Engemann (born June 2, 1953) is a 1980s pop musician best known for his 1983 song «Scarface (Push It to the Limit)«.The song featured prominently in the film Scarface, which was released in the same year.

Together with Giorgio Moroder, he landed a number one hit in Germany (#81 in USA) with «Reach Out», that became the official song to the 33rd Olympic Games 1984 in Los Angeles. Among other releases were «American Dream» (with Giorgio Moroder 1984), «Face To Face» (1985), «Shannon’s Eyes» (1985, 1986), «Brain Power» (Summer School – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1987), «To Be Number One» (1990), and «NeverEnding Story» (2000).

Paul Engemann was the lead vocalist of the 1980s band Device, whose only album, the futuristically titled 22B3, was released in the spring of 1986. It produced a Top 40 single with «Hanging on a Heart Attack», which peaked at number 35. Device was formed by musician-songwriter Holly Knight,[1] with Engemann serving as lead vocalist along with Knight, and session guitarist Gene Black. Producer-songwriter Mike Chapman, who had worked with Knight in the past, produced the album.

«Just Can’t Get Enough» is a song by English musical group Depeche Mode. It was released in September 1981 as the second single from their debut album,Speak and Spell (1981). It was recorded during the summer of that year at Blackwing Studios, and was the band’s first single to be released in the United States, on 18 February 1982. A riff-driven synthpop song, «Just Can’t Get Enough» was the final single to be written by founding member Vince Clarke, who left the band in December 1981.

The single version of «Just Can’t Get Enough» is the same version that appears on the UK version of Speak and Spell. The 12″ single featured a «Schizo Mix», which is an extended version with additional synth parts adding a sinister feel to the track. This version appears on the US version of Speak and Spell, the UK re-release of Speak and Spell, the rerelease of The Singles 81→85 and Remixes 81–04.



«Go West» is a song by the 1970s disco group Village People. The song eventually found greater success when it was covered in 1993 by the synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys. Original Village People lead singer Victor WillisHenri Belolo and Jacques Morali are credited as the song’s writers, although Willis disputes Belolo’s involvement.

In 1992, when Pet Shop Boys were asked by Derek Jarman to perform at an AIDS charity event at The Haçienda nightclub in Manchester, Chris Lowe of the duo selected «Go West» as the song they would perform. Though singer Neil Tennant was unable to remember the lyrics during that performance, the two decided to record it as a single.




01-Outhere brothers – Don’t stop.
02-Whigfield – Saturday night.
03- Urban cookie collective – High on the happy vibe.
04- The riders – Bang.
05- Atlantic ocean – Body in motion.
06- Doop – Doop.
07- Ice mc – Think about the way.
08- Maxx – Get a way.
09- T-spoon – Take me to the limit.
10- Whigfield – Another day.
11- Cappella – U got 2 let the music.
12- Cappella – U & me.
13- Cappella – Move on baby.
14- T-spoon – No time to Waste.
15- Jaydee – Music is so special.
16- 2 unlimited – No one.
17- Double you – Run to me.
18- 2 brothers on the 4th floor – Dreams.
19- Rednex – Cotton eye joe.
20- Maxx – No more.
21- Blacklight – World of joy.
22- Cb milton – It’s a lovin thing.
23- Sunset boulevard – There’s a music reaching out.
24- Jam & spoon – Find me.
25- Jam & spoon – Right in the night.
26- Cappella – Move it up.
27- Cb milton – Open your heart.
28- Cb milton – Hold on.
29- Ramirez – Bomba.
30- 2 unlimited – Real thing.
31- Modo – eins,zwei polizei.
32- Marusha – Over the rainbow.
33- Mark oh – Love song.

1. Captain Hollywood Project – More And More
2. Dj Bobo – Somebody Dance With Me
3. Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night
4. Haddaway – Rock my heart
5. 2Raff – Don’t Stop The Music
6. Snipers – Fire
7. Culture beat – Got to get it
8. Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
9. Maxx – Get Away (extended version)
10. Le Click – Tonight Is The Night
11. La Bouche – Sweet Dreams
12. Jefferson Project – You Got Me (Euro Mix)
13. Fun Factory – Close to you
14. Megatronic – Into The Fire
15. Capella – Turn It Up And Down
16. Basic Element – How To Come Close To You
17. Capella – U And Me
18. Th express – I’m on your side (extended)
19. In Colour – I Wanna Give It To You (Radio Mix)
20. 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor – Dreams (Will Come Alive)

00:15 Haddaway – What Is Love
03:26 Corona – The Rhythm Of The Night
05:55 SNAP! – Rhythm Is A Dancer
08:51 Dr. Alban – Sing Hallelujah
12:01 Black Box – Ride On Time
15:25 Urban Cookie Collective – The Key, The Secret
18:05 Bass Bumpers – The Music’s Got Me
22:10 Rozalla – Everybody’s Free
25:31 Jam & Spoon – Right In The Night
28:37 Dr. Alban – It’s My Life
32:10 Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam
35:28 Masterboy – Feel The Heat Of The Night
39:41Culture Beat – Mr. Vain
44:06 La Bouche – Be My Lover
47:51 Capella – U Got 2 Let The Music
51:34 2 Unlimited – No Limit
54:58 Ace Of Base – All That She Wants (Bonus

Eighth Wonder were a British pop band in the 1980s. They formed in 1983 and enjoyed major success in Japan and Italy between 1985 and 1987, before having hit singles in the UK and across Europe in 1988.

Eighth Wonder’s roots start in a band called Spice.In 1983, Jamie Kensit auditioned his sister Patsy Kensit, then aged 14, for the vacant job of lead singer in his new band. She formed a line-up consisting of herself on vocals, Jamie Kensit and Geoff Beauchamp on guitar, Lawrence Lewis on bass, Jake Walters on drums and Nigel Davis on percussion. Spice made their live debut in autumn 1983, and then spent the next year playing further gigs to gain some attention from record labels.

In late 1984, Nigel Davis left to start the Band ‘Slipstream’ and Alex Godson a keyboard player, joined the band. They renamed themselves Eighth Wonder and Patsy Kensit began to write songs for the band. Their first gig as Eighth Wonder was in November 1984 in WimbledonLondon and further gigs followed. It was at one of these that Steve Wooley, co-owner of Palace Films, anddirector Julien Temple offered Patsy Kensit the role of ‘Crepe Suzette’ in their 1986 filmAbsolute Beginners.

«Only Love Can Break Your Heart» is a song written by Neil Young. It has been covered by many bands, including a 1990 single by Saint Etienne.

In 1990, English band Saint Etienne recorded a cover version of the song, included on their debut album Foxbase Alpha. The vocals are by Moira Lambert, asSarah Cracknell had not yet joined the band as a permanent member. The band recorded the song in producer Ian Catt‘s bedroom studio in Pollards Hill. The recording, made in under two hours, got them a record deal, their first single, and their first hit. Andrew Weatherall later remixed the song to further emphasise the dub bassline: this remix, subtitled «A Mix of Two Halves», was featured on both releases of the single and on the compilation Casino Classics. The U.S. release contained a different extended mix by Flowered Up (issued in the UK only on a flexidisc), though it was mistakenly listed as the «Mix of two halves». Weatherall had no involvement with this mix.


Big In Japan would also serve as significant inspiration to scores of future electronic music musicians within “our thing”, as Canadian scene magazine I Die: You Die likes to refer to it. Most heard Gold’s work and decided to create their own similarly styled sound. Some, like today’s featured Fair Control, just copied it outright. In the days before sampling became a popular trend, keyboardists Bernd Göke and Hannes Schöner just straight up copied the track, tweaked it, rewrote the lyrics and pressed this 12” on Ariola in 1986. Decisively derivative (and complete with invisible guitar leads featured prominently in this TV video cut), Fair Control had no shame. Nearly thirty years later, it’s inspired me to dance around my hotel room in my boxers (also shamelessly) to the sweet sounds of my own symphony of love.

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