«Only Love Can Break Your Heart» is a song written by Neil Young. It has been covered by many bands, including a 1990 single by Saint Etienne.

In 1990, English band Saint Etienne recorded a cover version of the song, included on their debut album Foxbase Alpha. The vocals are by Moira Lambert, asSarah Cracknell had not yet joined the band as a permanent member. The band recorded the song in producer Ian Catt‘s bedroom studio in Pollards Hill. The recording, made in under two hours, got them a record deal, their first single, and their first hit. Andrew Weatherall later remixed the song to further emphasise the dub bassline: this remix, subtitled «A Mix of Two Halves», was featured on both releases of the single and on the compilation Casino Classics. The U.S. release contained a different extended mix by Flowered Up (issued in the UK only on a flexidisc), though it was mistakenly listed as the «Mix of two halves». Weatherall had no involvement with this mix.