«Who Can It Be Now?» is a song recorded by Australian new wave band Men at Work. It was first released as a single in Australia in June 1981, prior to the recording of their 1981 debut album Business as Usual, on which the track was later included.

«Who Can It Be Now?» reached number 2 on the Australian singles chart in August that year, and also hit #45 in New Zealand. Released in Canada in early 1982, the track peaked at #10 in July. This spurred an American release of the song, and the single, by now well over a year old, went on to hit #1 in the USA in October, 1982. «Who Can It Be Now?» was also a modest hit in the UK, reaching number 45. As one of Men at Work’s biggest hits, it was featured on their later compilation albums, and a live version can be found on Brazil. The song remains a popular symbol of new wave music and has been featured on numerous 1980s compilations. The band performed both this song and «Down Under» live on Saturday Night Live on October 23, 1982.